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EFX Sports is a premium brand for athletes who demand more from their bodies and the quality of the supplements they use.

Kre-Alkalyn EFX 120 Capsules

Formulated To Win!

EFX Sports is not just a health and fitness brand. Instead, we are a Self-Improvement brand. It's one thing to develop a better body or to improve your skills on the field. But, it's entirely another to develop the total package... mind, body, and spirit. This is what makes the real difference between life's winners and losers.

We give you the tools, knowledge, and mindset you need to join the elite who've chosen to pay the price and rise above those who won't. Our products love sweat, grit, and determination. If you're looking for shortcuts, miracles, or the easy way, we're not the brand for you. However, in the right hands, our products can do amazing things. Now is your time. Welcome to the family!

Our Mission Is To...

Develop innovative, responsible formulas, build a fitness community with a "succeed and share" culture, act charitably with our profits, and help athletes dominate their Training Ground.

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Karbolyn Energy 4.4 lb - Fruit Punch

Karbolyn Energy (Caffeine Infused)

Pre-Workout Carbohydrate

MSRP: $76.99
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Kre Alkalyn Flavored Powder 220 grams - Blue Frost

Kre Alkalyn EFX – Powder

pH-Correct Creatine

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Karbolyn Energy Bar

Karbolyn Energy Bar

Fuel The Moment

MSRP: $49.99
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Karbolyn Energy RTD - Grape

Karbolyn Energy (Grab-N-Go + Caffeine)

12 Pack / 16 oz each

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Karbolyn Fuel RTD - Green Apple

Karbolyn Fuel (Grab-N-Go)

12 Pack / 16 oz each

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Kre-Alkalyn Pro 120 Capsules

Kre-Alkalyn PRO

Pre-Workout Capsules

MSRP: $34.99 - $64.99
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