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Eric Broser

Triceps: Tricks and Treats!

May 23, 2022

Check out these advanced tips and tricks for building more triceps mass and bigger arms. You can start using these today!

BCAA Powder and Capsules

BCAAs – A Must Use Supplement for Advanced Athletes

May 5, 2022

Are BCAA supplements as good as what all the "experts" say they are? Find out in this article by elite trainer Eric "Merlin" Broser.

Eric Broser

Add-On Sets Will Add On Size

April 8, 2022

Add-On-Sets are similar to Supersets, Tri-Sets, and Giant Sets, but with a bit of a twist in that they allow you to set up a hierarchy of movements, based on which ones you require the most to “target” a specific area (or head) of a (lagging) body part.

EP2: Which Proteins To Take Before Bed?

April 8, 2022

In the latest episode of Ask The Trainer, EFX Sports' Eric DiLauro Mr. Canada Pro Trainer answers a frequent question he gets about which proteins to take before bed and why.

EP1: Welcome From Eric DiLauro

March 17, 2022

Eric DiLauro is the official pro trainer of EFX Sports. Watch his introductory video right now to learn about who he is.

Eric Broser

8 Ways To Break Size Plateaus

February 28, 2022

Eric Broser offers 8 great ways to overcome the dreaded plateaus in your training progress. Try them for yourself!

Eric Broser

Get Super Sized with Supersets

February 14, 2022

Eric Broser shares why you should be using supersets to shock your muscles into greater growth. Try them right now!

Eric Broser Chest

Common Pec Workout Errors

February 10, 2022

Eric Broser reveals the six most common errors that stop some people from building large, powerful pecs no matter how hard they train.

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