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Dr Jeff’s 16 Week Contest Diet Secrets

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If you are a competitive physique athlete competing in the sports of bodybuilding, physique, classic physique, bikini, or figure, you know and understand the importance of a contest diet to reach your goal. Competitive bodybuilding is a high-stakes industry all on its own. With this sport, your body is the playing field and what you look like dictates the outcome of the show. Bodybuilding is definitely not for the weak or lazy person. It takes dedication, determination, discipline and intestinal fortitude to walk that tight dietary line from start to finish. That is what this book is all about.

Excerpt  #1:

Protein is one of the most important things for a contest diet and typically, it never changes during the course of the entire diet except for the Peak Week. You will want to make sure you are getting about 1.5 grams/lb (3.31g/kg) of body weight. This is essential to make sure you are still building muscle during your diet, keeping that muscle fed, and ensuring that it will not break down because of a lack of fuel during the diet.

There are several types of protein out there—what you want to focus on is a protein with high biological value so you are not consuming ‘inefficiently utilized’ protein calories.

Excerpt #2:

By now you are beginning to see that there is nothing haphazard about preparing a diet program. Here is what the diet design looks like in a count-down to the ‘allimportant day’.

Week 16 to Week 12:
Your individual calories and protein amounts will depend on your sport, weight, and goals. This is just an outline of what I used to do when preparing for competition. During these first 4 weeks, we are cleaning up the diet and dropping some off-season foods. You can use some Non-fat Milk & Honey and No-Fat dressings that are out there.