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EFX Sample Kit

(46 customer reviews)

Full servings of:

  • Karbolyn
  • Lyzme 5 – (2 servings)
  • Kre-Alkalyn – (2 servings)
  • Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore – (2 servings)
  • Pure Whey Chocolate
  • Plus, A Very Special Bonus!
  • (Note: Shipping not included. Contents may vary from image or substituted based on availability.)


MSRP: $14.99

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46 reviews for EFX Sample Kit

  1. Avatar


    Awesome Sample Package. Wish more companies did this. It’s a great variety of items to try and a nice bonus shaker cup. I really like the Kre – Alkyn and Karbolyn. It’s a solid company with great products. I will certainly be Ordering a few things.

  2. Avatar

    Jonathan taylor

    These products might work for someone else, but did nothing for me except keep me up all night due to the caffeine content.

  3. Avatar


    How will I get a free samples if y’all don’t ask for addresses

    • Avatar

      EFX Sports

      Hello Angela! You will add your address once you put the Sample Kit into the cart. Enjoy!

  4. Avatar

    Nancy Kennedy

    It’s great to find a company that offers sample kits like this as most don’t. Loved everything in it, especially the extra bonus shaker cup – a nice unexpected surprise. I use that everyday. I only wish the samples included a pre workout and BCAAs/EAA’s so I could try those before buying. Otherwise it’s still a sample kit that well worth trying.

  5. Avatar


    The shaker cup you get is definitely worth it. Best shaker cup around !!!!

  6. Avatar


    Nice size sample pack of the various products they have to offer. I received a shaker cup to try the protein and Karboyln. I must say I’m impressed with the products I received and will be ordering more for my weightloss goals. Good stuff!

  7. Avatar

    Susana mayne


  8. Avatar

    Jacob House

    Great product, great option to try, you only pay shipping!!

  9. Avatar

    John Diamond

    Not sure why some complain about the $8 shipping? It’s worth it. Great products so far I didn’t know karbolyn existed. I always try to eat some carbs before the gym but sometimes you don’t feel like eating before hand or it just makes you lazy. This drink is great, tastes great works. I haven’t got to the other samples I’ve got some other brand kre alkaline but can’t wait to try out the hardcore and the lyzme5. The shipping was fast. I ordered a few other sample packs from other companies that haven’t even sent the order out yet. That tells alot about how the company is. I will be getting my creatine and that karbolyn from here from now on. Mabe even try a pre-work out seeing how everything alse seems on point.

  10. Avatar

    Nicolas gorney

    First met your reps at the NPC natural Ohio after my show. Great products, the preworkout and karbolyn always hit just right.

  11. Avatar

    Daniel Lacefield

    Definitely a product that will add a difference in your workout!

  12. Avatar

    mad person


  13. Avatar

    Carlton Barnhill

    Great product

  14. Avatar

    Alex Hartgrove


  15. Avatar

    William Ramos

    Look forward to trying

  16. Avatar


    Great products!!! Creatine is next level!! I will buy again.

  17. Avatar

    Krista Quiggle

    5 stars…need I say more?

  18. Avatar


    Great products!!! Creatine is next level!! I will buy again.

  19. Avatar

    Haley Sutter

    Loved all the products

  20. Avatar

    O. Mendez

    Great value for a quality product

  21. Avatar

    Selene Sahagun

    I got to try my free samples and they were tasty!!! I really enjoyed them, thinking about which to choose! Decisions decisions!

  22. Avatar


    would have been nice to receive it with my order, but they never sent it?!

    • Avatar

      EFX Sports


      So you know, we got so many requests for sample kits that we ran out. Production has been working overtime to get more made, and they all are now shipping out this week. Stay tuned…you should get it any day now.

  23. Avatar

    David Fernandez

    Awesome amount of samples! Really enjoyed Kreaklyn Hardcore, great products!

  24. Avatar


    I am a firm believer in EFX products. Listening to Dr. J on crazy Carl’s show is great. I hand out some of these samples to my friends because I believe in the products.

  25. Avatar


    Free samples from the best supplement company that stands behind their products. Blessings

  26. Avatar

    Gabriel Cabrera

    Protein samples are amazing- the flavored karbolyn are great dont think I got a bad sample in the box lol

  27. Avatar


    Efx is top notch company that cares for people and their health.

  28. Avatar


    Great promotional plan. I like to sample different products to see which ones work best for me.

  29. Avatar


    This sample pack great. The products worked perfectly and the taste was sooo good.

  30. Avatar


    Got my samples and like all of them. I bought the Karolyn Hydrate, Fuel, andKre-Alkaline at Vitamin Store because I wanted fast. For some reason I couldn’t get any ofmycards to work at checkout. Finally used another email address and it solved the problem and I ordered Lyzme 5 and samples. Looking at the GlutaZorb also with protein drink.

  31. Avatar


    I received alot from Dr.Jeff’s free samples and they are awesome ! You should try 🙂

  32. Avatar

    Ben Gray

    I think the is a complete and somewhat extensive sample pack, gives you about 2 full doses of each product. Great way to try it before you invest too much money.

  33. Avatar


    Great samples, found some new favorites thanks for letting me try them out.

  34. Avatar

    Paul Babbini

    Surprised by the amount of samples received. I’m pleased with the samples I tried so far.

  35. Avatar


    I ordered this sample pack because I like Kre-alkalyn products so much I wanted my friends to try them and see how good these products actually are.I got alot more than I paid for and thanks EFX.Great products and the Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore Is favorite preworkout anyway.

  36. Avatar

    Tom Newkirk

    Im always trying new products. This stuff works. Loved all of it

  37. Avatar

    Tommy Eaton

    After burning through all the samples it was obvious I would be ordering one of each awesome taste as well as noticeable energy an kick I can’t wait to make EFX products my go to durning my next competition Prep

  38. Avatar

    Brian Rickman

    Very good products. The kreaklyn is insane. Thanks for the samples.

  39. Avatar

    Ronald Bertelsmeyer

    I’m fairly new to the supplement scene so I’ve been doing a lot of testing different products to see what works best for me and my style of training, I’m a mma fighter and I push my training and cardio to the max all the time.. i ordered this sample pack and gotta say I’m apsalutly impressed with ttese products and company, I love the Flavors of all my samples ,everything mixes up extremely well little to no vitamin flavor or chalkyness to the protein shake samples, the pre workout leaves no jitters and complex focus for my training wich is extremely important to me . Didn’t expect the shaker cup love it, great quality shaker … I’m also impressed with the quick delivery on my order .. nice to feel like I found a company that’s not all about the money. EFX Sports just wanna say thanks for making me a priority and thanks for the great products,I will be ordering from you again…

    • Avatar

      EFX Sports

      No problem at all. So glad you liked the products…we are here to help you succeed!

  40. Avatar


    Looking forward to try the sample

  41. Avatar


    I was trying to fine something to help me push my. Workout and help me stay going ? and I found it

  42. Avatar

    Javier lopez

    The product is delicious and efficient thanks EFX Sports

  43. Avatar


    Quick response! I got the sample and found a new pre-workout prep that worked exceptionally well. I placed my first order. I’m very happy and decided EFX is my new source for supplements.

  44. Avatar


    Great opportunity to sample their supplement menu. Appreciative to try before I buy. Products packaging, dosage form, and shipment were all top notch. I do recommend.

  45. Avatar


    I ordered a sample kit after hearing Dr.Jeff, on the SuperHumanRadio podcast, recommending it to test drive the brand. I clicked through the links on the SHR site to here, purchasing was fast and easy. Products arrived quickly and I had more than I expected. I had a small issue with a sample product in the package so I called just to let someone know. Rep on the phone was kind and attentive and insisted on making amends. You guys/gals went OVER AND ABOVE. This is a stand-up company with great products!

  46. Avatar


    Love efx good products that work

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