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Hand Sanitizer

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Because of the current pandemic, we decided to do something to help out those who may not have access to hand sanitizer. Using our manufacturing capabilities, we’ve created our own version, and now it’s available in case you can’t find any in your area.

We just want to help out and be a part of the solution to this crazy, life-altering dilemma we now find ourselves battling.


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17 reviews for Hand Sanitizer

  1. Lisette Camacho-Alvarez

    The hand sanitizer is pretty potent. I was shocked to see it has great strength, great smell, and great size to place in my purse on the go. Thank you for creating this awesome product for such a great price.

  2. Sherry T.

    I love your hand sanitizer. The consistency covers hands and fingers quickly and thoroughly. Your hands feel moisturized and soft; not sticky like so many other commercial sanitizers. The fragrance is so clean and pleasant. I am really happy with my purchase. Thank You for making this product!Sherry

    • Brian Andrews

      Thank you, Sherry. So glad you like it!

  3. Douglas Shull

    We purchased several units for both personal and office use and we absolutely love your hand sanitizer! The clean scent, and smooth liquid makes it one the very best sanitizers I’ve used! And the bonus part of it all is that EFX made this product in response to our first responders, as well as having it available for consumers and businesses alike. Thank you EFX!!!

  4. Corrina

    The only hand sanitizer I’ve ever purchased that doesn’t have an obnoxious scent, and doesn’t leave a residue to peel off my hands once used. Thank you for making this so readily available! The 2 oz bottle fits perfectly in a pocket, for me running errands or my husband at the fire station.

  5. TJ Russo

    Literally impossible to find in stores around my area , that being said I applaud you guys for doing this and helping out everyone from the average Joe to first responders. Highly satisfied with the sanitizer , amazing how something so small means so much and possibly save a life. Well done

  6. hector

    good product def recommend!

  7. Hannah Rhodes

    I am very proud and thankful that EFX is helping out in times like this. I think the hand sanitizer is great and I use it all the time, always have it in my purse.

  8. Cloresa

    This stuff is great. I work for a distributing company, so I am in and out of places all day making deliveries. This hand sanitizer doesn’t dry out my hands and smells good. I also received it in the mail pretty quick.

  9. Don

    Great product. Something like this being produced by you guys doesn’t surprise me.


    EFX is a top-notch supplement company that has just elevated itself to be a company for people’s safety, health, and survival in these tough times. Excellent Job!

    • Brian Andrews

      Thanks, Curtis…just trying to do our part and help everyone out.

  11. Laura

    Kudos to you EFX for jumping in during at critical time of need and getting this out there. I recv’d my order very quickly and feel as if it doesn’t have a really obnoxious alcohol smell like some of them. It is a lot more “runny” then most are but I do not care as it does the job its intended and is available! Thanks for stepping up!

    • Brian Andrews

      Excellent…glad it does what you needed!

  12. Corrina Gilbertson

    The hand sanitizer is great. Thank you for making it available. My mail carrier was very happy to receive a bottle as well!

    • Brian Andrews

      Thank you for the valuable feedback, Corrina!

  13. Vincent Lopez

    Awsome Hand sanitizer. Thank you EFX Sports.

    • Brian Andrews

      Thanks, Vincent. Glad you like it!

  14. Steve Austin

    Very thoughtful of EFX.

    • Brian Andrews

      Hey Steve…thanks for your review. We just wanted to help out and this seemed like a great way we could do it and serve others.

  15. Donna Blackmore

    The fist thing is the smell its bad! The sticky its bad! I have lost all trust in efx sports!!!

    • Brian Andrews

      Hi, Donna. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts. We want to be very clear that our sole intention to make hand sanitizer was to fill a critical need. In fact, we are only covering our costs to produce it. We are first and foremost a sports nutrition company. We make supplements. But, we felt led to jump in and help out since we have the means to do so. The overall response has been overwhelming and also very touching since we first offered it a few weeks ago. For example, seeing desperate First Responders literally brought to tears when we gave them some at our facility is beyond words. That alone makes the long hours and 20 hour production shifts so worth it. Please also understand that the main function of our hand sanitizer is to kill germs. Its texture and scent are secondary. Regardless, we obviously failed to meet your needs, and, even worse, we’ve lost your trust in our brand. Therefore, we do not deserve to keep your money, so we have already refunded your order (including the shipping). The funds should show up in your account within 48-72 hours. Sorry again. Perhaps you will reconsider us at some point in the future. Either way, please be safe and God Bless!

  16. Todd A Lillo

    Haven’t used it yet but I can confirm I did order, and it did arrive which in this environment is not too shabby. Thank you EFX for putting resources towards an important product, and not price gouging it either. Stay safe folks.

    • Brian Andrews

      Thank you for the kind words, Todd!

  17. Jay

    Good product does the job. Shipping is fairly quickly.

    • Brian Andrews

      Jay, we appreciate you, my friend. God Bless!

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