pH-Correct Creatine

Kre Alkalyn EFX – Capsules

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  • Gain Strength
  • Build Muscle
  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Keto Friendly


  • Creatine Monohydrate Synthesized to pH 12
  • Invented By Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD
  • Informed-Sport Certified, Banned-Substance Tested
  • Manufactured By Us – We Control ALL Production


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Inferior creatine products have pH levels below 7, causing them to lose potency in liquids and stomach acids. However, Kre Alkalyn EFX’s multi-patented pH of 12-14 produces a fully stable, buffered creatine molecule. This means Kre Alkalyn EFX creatine remains fully stable so your body assimilates and utilizes it efficiently!

Kre Alkalyn pH Chart
Kre Alkalyn EFX Capsules Benefits


Creatine monohydrate is the single most studied sports supplement ever. It’s the top pre-workout and post-workout compound for athletes and bodybuilders who want to improve muscle mass, increase power, enhance performance, and accelerate muscle recovery. Kre Alkalyn EFX is 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate—science-backed, clinically tested, and safe for professional athletes looking for a legal edge!



Precision filled Kre Alkalyn EFX capsules mean no mixing, measuring, or guessing. Just grab the bottle from your gym bag, take a few capsules, and get to work. If you prefer a powder to mix with your favorite drink or protein shake, we have that too!


Kre Alkalyn EFX was invented by Dr. Jeff Golini, the exclusive formulator of EFX Sports. He developed the patented manufacturing process that produces the ONLY creatine monohydrate with a pH level of 12. No other creatine product can make that claim!



EFX Sports is part of a very small, elite group of brands that actually make their products themselves. That’s why we can unquestionably guarantee Kre Alkalyn EFX always meets label claims and is 100% banned-substance free. When you use Kre Alkalyn by EFX Sports, you have the purest, most potent creatine product available anywhere!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30 (60 capsules), 60 (120 capsules), 96 (192 capsules), 120 (240 capsules), 200 (400 capsules)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Kre Alkalyn
(buffered creatine monohydrate)
U.S. Patent #6,399,661
1,500 mg

✝Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Capsules (gelatin, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40), Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate.

Vegan Capsules
SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to workout and 2 capsules after workout.

28 reviews for Kre Alkalyn EFX – Capsules

  1. Thomas Erwin

    I love this! Ive tried so many other products but this krealklyn is the way to go. If you desire results pick some up today.

  2. Rez

    I weight about 155lbs, and was wondering how much of the product/how many pills do I need to take per day?
    Also how much water do I need to drink when I take these pills?

    • EFX Sports

      You can take 1-2 before training and then 1-2 after.

  3. Mitch Martitch

    I have not taken this but I am wondering if it is possible to add this to my regimen (fasted cardio in mornings, heavy lifting in afternoon caloric deficit) and still hope to cut weight?
    I have heard many people say it is impossible to lose weight while taking creatine. is that true?

    • EFX Sports

      Absolutely you can. And…you CAN lose weight while using Kre-Alkalyn. In fact, we have competitive bodybuilders who use it right up to a show and still get very lean and cut. If anything, it will help you maintain your strength while on a calorie-deficient diet.

  4. Nick

    By far the strongest Creatine I have used. Unfortunately I had to stop due to kidney pain after 2-3 weeks.

    End of first week had Minor pain in right kidney but kept carrying on at 3 grams a day doing a 5 day split (1.5g on rest days).

    About around closer to week 3 I felt like my left kidney got shot so I had to stop immediately. 1-2 days after stopping 95% of pain was gone.

    I obviously must have underlying kidney issues and wouldn’t be able to directly prove that the pain was from this product alone. (Only took 2 scoops of protein a day other than that).

    If you are perfectly healthy and don’t experience side effects, I would recommend this product for you, the results and training was the best I’ve had in years from natural supplements.

    • EFX Sports

      Hello Nick! We are curious to know if you were using any other supplements at the same time as Kre-Alkalyn.

  5. Çocuk

    i am a starter in fitness I just bought it and I dont know how many month should I use the how many week put break ?

    • EFX Sports

      You really do not need to take a break. But, if you did, maybe take just a week or so.

  6. Ihsan Tanis

    What animal is the gelatine from?

    • EFX Sports

      Most typically it’s beef.

  7. Ethan Miller

    Best creatine out there by far. Have been using this stuff for about 4 years off and on. Always see strength and size gains!

  8. Collins

    Does it really make the kidney sore? Just started using it. Pls answer

    • Brian Andrews

      No, it should not make your kidneys sore. If you do experience soreness of that nature, please see your physician immediately as you may have other conditions present. Thank you for your purchase and trust in EFX Sports!

  9. Tom Burke

    Definitely my go to creatine!!! Been using this product for years with no cycling or side affects & awesome results!!!! Love Kea-Alkalyn!!!!

  10. John Diamond

    Great creatine. Only wish the capsules didn’t have coloring in it, I open the caps and just slam them dry and raw because of the coloring in the caps. This creatine is the best for a great price from a great company that’s ships stuff out fast. I will be sticking to this creatine.

  11. Tim

    I started using this kre-alkalyn prior and during my training for running races this year, and there was a noticeable improvement in my performance. When I tried training the same way for 4 weeks without using EFX kre-alkalyn, I could not put down the same speeds. O recommend this product to all my clients.

  12. Mary

    I do love this KreAlkalyn. It helps with systemic rebalancing after a workout. The day-after effects of a workout are mitigated. Before I started using it, my 69-year-old body took up to four days to recover. Now I am able to resume my every-other-day schedule. Thank you for this product.

  13. John Johnsen

    An update on Kre-Alkalyn EFX since the start:
    Week 1: My muscles felt different meaning I could actually feel ones that I couldn’t before.
    Week 2: Some muscle growth not significant but decent.
    Week 3: Muscles feel tighter and it is almost the same feel as when you flex…without flexing.
    Week 4: More muscle growth and fullness when doing many reps or lifting heavy.
    Week 5: Continuous muscle growth but much more than without your product and just protein.

    I am still taking it and very happy with the results because there was significant muscle loss after my auto accident in 2017-2018. You always hear the stories of muscle loss when you stop exercising.

    I can say that your product works great without the standard creatine bloat.

    P.S. I am a writer and did not make this up since I weightlift at the gym 5 days every week. Home projects eliminate the other 2 days but I still even get a workout doing them.

  14. Brandon

    I absolutely love this product and the benefits that come from it! Noticeable strength gains with no bloat feeling as I have previously gotten using creatine monohydrate.

  15. Robert Herbst

    I have used Kre Alkaline for 20 years and think it is the best creatine product on the market.

  16. camile reinhardt

    Does the product has a gluten ?can they used by celiacs? I didn´t find any information . Thanks

    • EFX Sports

      Yes, it is gluten-free.

  17. Shema

    I was skeptical but no creatine bloat. This product works!

  18. Jonathan Cotler

    4 capsules a day brings all the gains my way.

  19. RaymondCaH

    good! super!

  20. Brian

    More reps and sets. Better Recovery. For my size though I take 3 Pre and 3 Post. Two pills was not enough. I am taking these with my Pre Workout powder and my workouts are awesome. This is good supplement. on Off days I take a serving in the morning. Thanks.

  21. Matt D.

    I was never a huge fan of creatine before as it made me bloated and I lost definition. Krealklyn is the only creatine that I take and get only positive results with! Strength and muscle size both went up without losing definition whiling making me feeling stronger.

  22. Branislav Miskov

    I can’t wait to order and use it. Used to have it always with my workouts. ONly one question though.
    Mr William posted something regarding kidney being sore!
    Didi anyone else experienced any similar effects? Thank you.

  23. eric elemen

    I think this really helps. Only in my 3rd week of training, but I feel strength improved. 10 x 10 with 185 in squats, superset with 290 deadlifts for 10 x 5, and not even sore? Still feel strong.

  24. William

    There is no doubt that this product works, my strength and muscles size both went up, but after about 4 weeks my left kidney started to feel sore, but because I was getting great results with the product I carried on, I even bought another two bottles, but my creatinine level is 147, and my gfr is 47, so be careful of this product.

  25. irongame66

    40 years of training, tried them all, this is no doubt, the best natty muscle builder ever. Gains-ville!!

  26. Kelly Stout

    So far so good with this product. I have had some amazing workouts while taking this! I contemplated the entire product line for many, many months and am disappointed that I took as long as I did to give this a try. I will be ordering EFX from now on!

  27. Alejandra

    this creatine is the best

  28. jkrauss616

    Creatine that works with no possible side effects! I use it before every workout and can feel the difference. It’s the best out there

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