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The Truth About Your Testosterone

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This cutting edge book, The Truth About Your Testosterone, by Dr. Jeff Golini puts testosterone under the microscope and takes a closer look at the ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘why’, of this anabolic steroid hormone that everyone wants more of. It even speaks about alternative, non-drug ways to help increase your natural levels.

Excerpt #1

Testosterone—you hear about it, you read about it, you can’t escape the news about it. Everyone seems to be talking about testosterone these days. It isn’t just athletes, nor is it just men. Millions of baby boomers are passing the age sixty mark. The subject of declining testosterone is growing louder on mass media each year. With all the hype regarding this hormone, let’s put testosterone under the microscope and take a close look at the ‘what’, ‘where’, and ‘why’, of this anabolic steroid hormone that everyone wants more of.

Excerpt #2

Testosterone level decreases with age in men (at about 10% every decade after age 30). When testosterone decreases, the male gender appears to suffer more from the physiological effects which appear to be associated with a decrease in this hormone, than women do.

Excerpt #3

A significant correlation between low levels of testosterone and insulin resistance, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and visceral obesity in men is emerging.

Fat cells release the satiety hormone, leptin. Its function is to signal the hypothalamus in the brain to curb appetite, which forces the body to use fat stores. As the level of testosterone rises in men (and already obese women), leptin decreases. Moreover, the amount of body fat rises, as does leptin production as testosterone decreases. However, this is not the case in non-obese women, where high levels of leptin and testosterone have a positive correlation. The initial triggering mechanism, responsible for lowering testosterone in men in relation to the rise in this hormone, has yet to be reported.

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